Spine Treatment

Spine is one of the most important part of the body. It controls body movements like bending, turning, sitting and twisting and also protects our spinal cord and gives our body the posture we have.

Aging, trauma, improper body mechanics, and structural abnormalities can lead to Chronic back pain and other symptoms such as leg pain and/or numbness or even leg weakness.

Spine surgery is recommended only if non-surgical treatment such as medications and physical therapy fails.

Traditionally, spine surgery was conducted as open surgery. But today spine surgery can be performed with minimally invasive techniques (MISS) and Microscopically. These techniques shorten the operative time and fasten the recovery.

spine serves as a pillar to support body weight and posture. A healthy spine is important for maintaining a quality of life. We offer solutions for spinal deformities and diseases such as spina bifida, spondylolisthesis and spinal disc herniation (slipped disc). The spine is also affected by sports injuries, accidents, spinal tumors and congenital defects, we have multidisciplinary as well as the spine doctor.

Microscopic spine surgery helps the patients to get back to their routine work very quickly

There are many types of Spinal Surgery like:

Lumbar Decompression Surgery – This surgery is performed to correct the narrowing of the spinal canal.

Lumbar Discectomy – Here an injured disc is being treated at the lower back region

Herniated Disc Surgery – Here the surgeon may replace the injured disc with two adjacent vertebrae to fuse together in order to put an end to disc pain.

Spinal Fusion Surgery - Here the doctor connects two adjacent vertebrae in order to avoid pain caused by their movement against each other