Motherhood is a dream which every woman has the right to realize and thus, we offer highly specialized treatments in case of infertility. We also treat women who find difficulties in conception. Our team of experienced Gynecologists ensures that best of care and treatment is offered to expecting mothers at every stage of pregnancy. We provide mothers with an ideal pre and post partum plans to ensure smooth and healthy delivery. We provide special care unit for both, the mother and child thereby ensuring their health, hygiene and wellness.

Pregnancy is something that many women deal with at some point. When you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you need the help of a gynecologist. This will help you in the process and give you the opportunity to manage what happens. Fertility, trying to get pregnant, and caring for a baby during pregnancy, are all provided parekh hospital here with many services, This can help ensure that there are no problems in pregnancy. You and your baby will be healthier.

We also deal with other issues related to reproductive system (Uterus, Ovaries and vagina). We have an expert team of surgeons who are experienced in treating

Cancer and pre-cancerous diseases of reproductive organs (ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva)
Incontinence of urine
Amenorrhoea (absence of menstrual periods)
Dysmenorrhoea (painful menstrual periods)


Menorrhagia (Heavy menstrual periods)

Prolapse of pelvic organs

Infections of the vargina, cervix, and uterus

We also specialize in Gynecologic Oncology which involves treating Cancers pertaining to female reproductive system such as: ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, and vulvar cancer.