Our ENT department is equipped with superior infrastructural facilities to effectively tackle diseases and problems related to Ear, Nose and Throat. Our ENT surgeons accurately diagnose the condition and then decide upon the course of treatment. Some conditions can be easily handled through medication, while others may require surgery. Minimally Invasive are recommended in most of the cases which helps in faster recovery with less pain and fewer scars.

If you have been advised by your doctor to consult an ENT surgeon, you should choose a highly experienced ENT surgeon who you trust and are comfortable with. Parekhs Hospital is the best ent doctor

Types of ENT Surgeries performed at Parekhs are:

Removing tonsils and/or adenoids

Ear surgery

Straightening the nasal septum

Surgical treatment for sleep apnea

Functional endoscopic sinus

Head and neck malignancy

Direct laryngoscopy and

Skin cancer and non-cancerous lesions