Best Knee Surgeon in Ahmedabad


  • Doctors at Parekhs Hospital are excellent. Additionally, the hospital staff is very warm and caring. They care for the patient as if he/she were their own family members. Dimple Parekh is the best joint replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad. Care and treatment at Parekhs is so good, that it takes away all pain and grief with which the patient had come to the hospital. Though it is a hospital, it feels like a home.
  • I would like to thank all the doctors and staff at Parekhs Hospital from the bottom of my heart. Their consultation, guidance, surgery, care, and post-surgery follow-ups, all of these together made my knee replacement surgery successful. It is definitely Ahmedabad’s best Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Hospital.
  • Ms. Sarita Mehta
    I was advised to undergo total knee replacement surgery. But, I was highly skeptical about the entire procedure and where to go. Then my family doctor referred me to the Parekhs Hospital, Which is Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and trust me, it was the wisest decision. The doctors and staff made me so comfortable that I could easily take up the surgery without any fear.
    Ms. Sarita Mehta
  • Dhanshuk N. Patel
    Dear sir, I the undersigned got admitted to your hospital for left Knee Replacement and was operated on 21-07-2018. I, as a human being, had doubts about success of the replacement. Now I feel and experience that as far as Dr. Dimple is concerned there is no place of doubt in his expertise. I am able to move without walker and also able to easily bend my operated feet. He is the best Knee Replacement Doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I express my sincere thank and gratitude also to entire team of the hospital including doctors and the the staff.
    Dhanshuk N. Patel

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