One of the major causes of knee replacement is Osteoarthritis. Here, the cushioning cartilage between the joints wears out, causing friction. This results in swelling, pain and limited mobility. In such scenarios, knee replacement surgery is advisable.

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure where, the natural knee joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant which is specially customized to suit patient's knee shape, size and motion. Knee replacement could be partial or total depending on the severity of deformity. Majority of the patients who undergo knee replacement have reported dramatic relief from pain and improved mobility in daily life. At Parekhs Hospital, we offer the best orthopedic treatment for knee and joint replacement. With our team of best orthopedic surgeons and trained staff, we report a high success ratio of knee and joint replacement surgery. Moreover, our state-of-the infrastructure and technical prowess enables us to lead the game of Orthocare.

Total knee replacement is advised under circumstances where:

  • Knee has bowed in/out due to arthritis

  • Severe immobility and dysfunction in routine activities (walking, bending, running etc.

  • Persistent swelling, pain and/inflammation in knee even during rest hours.

  • Ineffectiveness of medication, treatment or therapy for swelling and/pain.

The decision to administer a Total knee replacement surgery is preceded by a series of extensive procedures. Our specialists check you at several levels to determine your fitness to be able to undertake this procedure. These involve a medical history as to general health, incidence of knee pain and ability to function. Detailed Physical examination of knee is done in terms of its alignment, stability, structure and motion. A series of X-Rays and scans are done to get an exact view of the knee joint and its damage/deformity. Other tests may involve blood tests, MRIs etc.

The surgery usually takes about 1-2 hours followed by after-surgical recovery and observation. Even after a successful surgery, there could be some complications, but are manageable. Our specialists guide you to both, prevent and manage these complications. Right from infection, blood clots, implant problems to persistent pain, our team is vigilant, alert and adept at managing these efficiently. Total success of a knee replacement depends a lot on home care. A complete home care guideline would be provided by your specialist. Under this, exercise regime, diet, graduation to movement etc. is taken care of. And to increase your implant life, you need to adhere by your orthopedic surgeon's advice.