Being the most advanced department (clarity in regards to being advanced in Gujarat or within the hospital) for Digestive and Gastro-intestinal diseases and surgery, it ably carries out all major GI, Hepato-billiary and Pancreatic surgeries. Also, it has an active Bariatric surgery program for weight loss. A technically sound Endoscopy suite with a recovery room is provided in the out-patient area to enhance the ease of patient movement. Further, a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors ensure medical excellence.


The department is operational to undertake latest Laparoscopy surgical procedures. With its technical advancements, complicated obesity procedures could also be efficiently handled with the help of national and international visiting experts.


  • First in Gujarat Chip Digital Camera (Stryker, USA)
  • 300 w Xenon light with light high definition monitor (Sony, Japan)
  • Autosonix Ultrasonic System (Autoduture, USA)


Ideally, Obesity must be handled and treated at an earlier stage with diet and exercise. But in some cases, the condition worsens as the BMI (Body Mass Index) crosses its ideal level and calls for surgery. For long term, surgical procedures are advisable. These include:


  • Intragastric Balloon
  • Gastric Band
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy