August 23 2018

Our multifaceted treatment approach doesn't end at Joint Replacement Surgery. Our expert joint replacement surgeons want you to return to your normal routine and we provide comprehensive physiotherapy regime post surgery. Visit Parekhs Hospital Leading Joint Replacement centre to know how you can heal your joints post joint replacement surgery and lead a functional life.

August 20 2018

Consult the experienced Orthopaedic Specialist at Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad, to diagnose the accurate cause of your knee pain and get complete pain relief. Learn more at

August 08 2018

With world class infrastructure & renowned and experienced surgeons, round the clock emergency medical services are provided at Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad. Check to know more about our wide range of services offered.


August 01 2018

Poor posture, wrong lifting techniques and long hours of desktop work can contribute to back pain. Modify your lifestyle to say goodbye to your back pain. If you have recurrent back pain, consult the Leading Orthopaedic Specialist at Parekhs Hospital.

July 27 2018

Trauma care needs special attention and right treatment plan. Trust the trauma experts at Parekhs Hospital to take care of complicated trauma cure. Call +91-9662942393 today for expert guidance.

July 26 2018

It’s difficult to measure shoulder pain when person complains and we understand the importance of treating your pain. Expert doctors at Parekhs Hospital treat every orthopaedic pain including shoulder pain, other joints pain with care and compassion using latest advances in technology. Learn more about us at


July 12 2018

Get relief from knee pain using this natural home remedies. If pain doesn’t subside, visit the Orthopaedic at Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad. Learn more at

July 07 2018

You should see a doctor for your knee pain if you have pain or swelling that lasts more than 48 hours. Also, check out for reduced range of motion or instability or deformity in knee joint, visit the knee specialist immediately for proper treatment and to stop further knee damage. Learn more about Leading Knee Specialists at Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad,

June 28 2018

Robotic Knee Replacement has significantly showed superior alignment results compared to traditional knee replacement surgery. To avail excellent precision of the joints, visit Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad, which has launched Robotic Knee Replacement for the first time in Gujarat. Click on to know more.


June 27 2018

Say No to knee pain and consult the Knee Replacement Specialist to resolve your concerns about Knee Replacement Surgery. Visit for more details.

June 26 2018

Over the years, Knee Replacement Surgery has undergone countless improvements. Avail the advanced Robotic Knee Replacement technique at Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad. For more details, visit

June 11 2018

Knee replacement is one of the most common Joint Replacement Surgery. Robotic knee replacement surgery at Parekhs Hospital provides pain relief from ailing joints and help to restore your functional lifestyle. Visit for more details.


June 06 2018

Parekhs Hospital is the only center in Gujarat which provides advanced Robotic Technology for Knee Replacement. The experienced and advanced Knee and Hip Replacement surgeons has combined experience of more than two decades and 20000 Joint replacement surgeries. Call 7572910011 to book an appointment today.

May 29 2018

When joints wear out, every day movements like walking, standing seems difficult. The Leading Joint Replacement surgeon at Parekhs Hospital offers pioneering robotic assisted Knee Replacement Surgery to enjoy the pain free life and return to Healthier You.

May 25 2018

Knee Injuries in children and adolescent athletes caused by acute, traumatic injuries can also become a chronic problem. These injuries result in pain, instability, swelling and stiffness. Don’t neglect the pain, visit the Leading Trauma Specialists at Parekhs Hospital for pain relief and timely cure.


May 23 2018

Parekhs Hospital with 50+ years of experience is proud to offer Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery, first of its kind in Gujarat. Consult the Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dimple Parekh. Call +91-9662942393 for appointment.

May 12 2018

Robotic assisted Surgical System provides better outcomes, better range of motion and faster recovery due to its ability to achieve higher precision and accuracy combined with Joint Replacement Surgeon’s experience. Book a consult at Parekhs Hospital today!

May 11 2018

Parekhs Hospital proudly presents robotic assisted knee replacement surgery, first of its kind in Gujarat. To know more about how robotic assisted surgeries benefit with better accuracy and less pain, seek a detailed consult with our Leading Specialists.


May 08 2018

Parekhs Hospital proudly presents robotic assisted knee replacement surgery, first of its kind in Gujarat. To know more about how robotic assisted surgeries benefit with better accuracy and less pain, seek a detailed consult with our Leading Specialists.

April 30 2018

Get to know the latest advances in Orthocare at Parekhs Hospital. Consult the Leading Orthopaedic Specialists at

April 28 2018

Take the first step to get rid of your knee pain. Consult the best Knee Experts at Parekhs Hospital today.

April 25 2018

Accidents and trauma injuries are unpredictable and needs special care and attention to recover. In case of trauma injury, trust the best specialists at Parekhs hospital for better and quicker recovery. For more details visit us at

April 23 2018

Did you know there is not only one reason to cause arthritis in your joints? Get yourself rightly evaluated from the Best Specialists in Ahmedabad at Parekhs Hospital #bestjointreplacementtreatment #curearthritis

April 20 2018

Are you having problems in getting up after sitting for long? Don’t forget to evaluate with a specialist before it’s late. To know more about our specialists , visit #jointreplacementinahmedabad #bestorthopedicinahmedabad #parekhshospital


April 17 2018

Super specialists at Parekhs Hospital provides complete guidance to ensure all your concerns regarding knee replacement treatment is resolved and how you can get back on knees post surgery. For more details visit us at #guidetokneereplacement #kneereplacementinahmedabad

April 12 2018

Let’s us join efforts for healthy joints with Parekhs Hospital. Take responsibility for healthy joints of your near and dear ones. We at Parekhs Hospital are dedicated to care your joints and related services as joint replacement, knee replacement,hip replacement, other orthopedic services with other facilities also. If you are searching some kind of surgery solution in Ahmadabad. Log on to . #parekhshospital #ahmedabad #jointsurgery #jointreplacement and forget your joint pain with us.

April 7 2018

If you are walking properly, you cannot understand pain of those who are having problem with their knees. They need to sit frequently as their knees start paining after short time of standing. If you are tired with your knee pain then consult to our knee specialist at Parekhs Hospital. At Parekhs Hospital we provide multiple facilities at affordable cost. Log on to . #fractures #bones #joints #knee #parekhshospital #Ahmedabad — with Dimple Parekh, Maunil Nayak, Rutul Gandhi and Vinay Parashar.pital


March 27 2018

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure or a way to make your face look more beautiful and scar free. A face looks good when it is clean and clear. Visit Parekhs Hospital at Ahmedabad and improve the look on your face. Log on to . #parekhshospital #Ahmedabad #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery

March 21 2018

An ankle plays a very vital role in your body’s movement. Ignoring its well being can prove costly to you. It’s more than just a bone; it’s what keeps you moving. Keep your ankle well in place or you will be needing us soon. Contact us at Parekhs Hospital at Ahmedabad for any kind of issues troubling your joints. Log on to . #parekhshospital #ahmedabad #ankle #movement #joint #jointinjury #jointpain #jointreplacement #jointsurgery #bestjointreplacement

March 19 2018

Like studying each and every subject at school and college, like eating every type of food in proper amount, it is necessary to care for each and every bone and joint in your body. Because they are equally important! Take proper care of your joints and if needed, contact us for proper joint treatments and surgeries at Parekhs Hospital, Ahmedabad. Log on to for more inquiries. #parekhshospital #ahmedabad #joint #jointpain #jointsurgery #jointreplacement #bestjointreplacementhospital


March 13 2018

What all do you need to keep in mind before taking yourself in the joint replacement surgery unit? The important points to be noted before a joint surgery are: Make sure that you have got the right mobility equipment for your recovery; make sure that the pathways to your home are properly cleared and proper alterations have been made to your bathroom; prepare healthy frozen food. This is not done. There is a long list waiting for you if your surgery appointment is near. Visit Parekhs Hospital for a proper joint replacement surgery or log on to for more knowledge.

March 12 2018

How do you come to know that your joint needs a check up? Simple, it starts paining when you give it a kind of a stress. Joint pain can occur due to many reasons and that can also lead to serious joint disorders. But whether you need a surgery or not can be decided only after proper diagnosis. Parekhs Hospital is famous for its joint replacement treatments and surgeries all over Ahmedabad. Visit it today or log on to . #parekhshospital #ahmedabad #jointpain #jointsurgery #jointreplacement

March 10 2018

What all does it take to keep your bones strong and fit all throughout your life? Very low calorie diets, Collagen Supplement, Stable, Healthy Weight, Food rich in magnesium and zinc and a high omega-3 fat containing diet. A good habit of all these doings will absolutely lead you to a brighter and a better future where you will fill younger every day. Visit Parekhs Hospital today and get to know more about the habits to a happy life. Log on to . #parekhshospital #kneecare #boneandjointrepair #Ahmedabad


March 8 2018

Any fracture in the bones can be of four types: Oblique, Comminuted, Spiral and Compound. Each of these types of breaks need a different type of treatment approach. Parekhs Hospital has the expertise in repairing these damages in a successful way. Visit Parekhs Hospital today and get your bones joint the way they used to be. Log on to . #fractures #bones #joints #knee #parekhshospital #Ahmedabad

March 7 2018

Emergencies can occur at any time and at any place. The impact of the emergency can differ but if it’s out of the situation, then we need to get it treated as soon as possible. Parekhs Hospital has an expert team of Emergency Care wherein the doctors treat those who have reached the hospital in an emergency. Visit Parekhs Hospital at Ahmedabad or log on to . #parekhshospital #emergencies #careteam #emergencycareteam

March 5 2018

If you are suffering from a bone or a joint injury, then you have to contact an Expert Doctor who can treat the injuries painlessly. Parekhs Hospital at Ahmedabad is proud to have a team of eligible doctors and surgeons who can treat a joint pain or a bone damage with the newest treatment technology available in the hospital. Visit Parekhs Hospital today and get yourself free from the pain. Visit for more help and insight into our work. #expert #care #joints #bone #treatments #repair #Ahmedabad #parekhshospital


March 3 2018

You can count on the care and the treatments provided by Parekhs Hospital at Ahmedabad like the services of Latest Minimally Invasive Techniques, Guaranteed Results, Affordable Health care Orthopaedics Services, Overwhelming Patients Satisfaction, Seamless Services before and after the surgery, etc. Visit Parkhs Hospital now and log on to for more insight into our environment. #careforyou #servoces #parekhshospital #Ahmedabad #joint care

March 1 2018

Parekhs Hospital expertizes in the successful treatments of Hip care, Shoulder care, Knee care and Sports Injury care. These joints and delicate organs can face a damage at any stage of life and can give enormous pain to the individuals. Visit Parekhs Hospital today and relieve yourself from the pain. Log on to for more information regarding the services. #parekhshospital #hipcare #kneecare #shouldercare #sportsinjurycare #Ahmedabad

February 3 2018

Hip is the base that is needed to do the most important things in life. That is Sitting and Standing! For any kind of hip injuries and to get any kind of treatment to keep your base strong, contact us at Parekhs Hospital to get the work done by the expert surgeons. Log on to to take proper care of your hips because they don’t lie! #hipsurgery #hipjoint #parekhshospital #jointreplacement


February 21 2018

Plastic surgery is an essential procedure, undertaken by highly qualified surgeons to repair damages to skin and tissue that may have resulted from congenital diseases or injuries. Cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery that is undertaken by the patient in order to improve their physical appearance solely for aesthetic purpose. Visit Parekhs Hospital at Ahmedabad and get your skin treated perfectly. Log on to . #parekhshospital #Ahmedabad #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery

February 16 2018

Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them. Life is full of many responsibilities, whether big or small. Stand strong enough to handle them all wisely. Shoulder joints are strong enough to bear huge weights, whether it is about lifting a rucksack or making a dead lift at a gym. To repair your dislocated shoulder joint, contact us at . #shoulderjoint #jointreplacement #parekhshospital

February 5 2018

Ever imagined why do the doctors hit the hammer on your joints to check your reflexes? The joints in our body sometimes are the junctions of some important sensory neurons which transmit messages for various tasks to be done to the brain. Sometimes, the joints are not able to perform well in case of any damages. Check out your knee jerk reflexes at Parekhs Hospital by contacting us at . #kneejerkreflex #parekhshospital #jointreplacement


February 3 2018

Latent female energy is believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine. A system of meditation directed towards the release of this energy is known as Kundalini Yoga. This yoga has been proved to create a positive impact on the strength and the flexibility of the joints in a woman’s body. Practice Kundalini yoga and build up your joints, Ladies! Contact us at . #kundaliniyoga #Jointpain #jointreplacement #parekhshospital

February 2 2018

Yoga is the workout that strives you to balance your own body weight rather than lifting dumbbells. Yin Yoga has been proved very helpful for the joint pains. Yin yoga relaxes and stretches joints and muscles. Moreover, it helps reducing inflammation in tissues. Finding a Yin Yoga trainer is the task that you have to leave upon us. For further inquiry, log on to or just pay a visit at our doors. #jointpain #jointreplacement #parekhshospital #yinyoga

February 1 2018

There is an old saying: “Don’t dig a well when you are thirsty.” Obviously, you will not start digging a well when you are in urgent need of water. Same is the case with the human body. Never wait to consult a doctor till the limit of your joints to continue motion expires. Even if you feel a bit of a sign, contact us immediately at Parekhs Hospital or log on to our website . #jointreplacement #surgery #parekhshospital