What is Complex Fractures?

Complex fractures are complicated breaks in bones, which generally require specialized care. It can be understood as that a broken bone is considered as a complex fracture when the break is more severe than a routine fracture. Damage usually includes injury to multiple bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. It requires intensive treatment and rehabilitation.

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Type of Complex Fracture

  • Greenstick – Incomplete fracture. The broken bone is not completely separated.
  • Transverse – The break is in a straight line across the bone.
  • Spiral – The break spirals around the bone; common in a twisting injury.
  • Oblique – Diagonal break across the bone.
  • Compression – The bone is crushed, causing the broken bone to be wider or flatter in appearance.
  • Comminuted – The break is in three or more pieces and fragments are present at the fracture site.
  • Segmental – The same bone is fractured in two places, so there is a “floating” segment of bone.



Treatment, Surgery and Rehabilitation Of Complex Fracture in Gujarat

Complex fractures are breaks to the bones that are more serious than most of the injuries normally treated by an orthopedic specialist. Complex fractures frequently happen in aging adults and athletes, it demands challenging and intense treatment which is normally required for these patients. Complex fractures of any kind should just be treated by an orthopedic surgeon who is exceptionally experienced in this area of orthopedic.

The different ways that complex breaks occur are:

  • The bones are broken into multiple pieces
  • Damage to the surrounding soft tissue is severe
  • Trauma results in the loss of bone
  • Severe injury to the cartilage in a joint
  • Multiple fractures in different levels of one bone
  • An associated joint is dislocated

Common Causes of Complex Fracture in Ahmedabad

While athletes and aging adults are at the most risk for complex cracks, but people of all ages may be affected with it. Car crashes fall and sports-related injuries result in severe injuries or may be complex fractures. In addition to the treatment of an experienced orthopedic specialist, the patient may also be treated by other specialists for complete treatment to the affected area.


For complex open cracks in which the skin is parted from the bone, Diagnosis is usually simple. The specialist typically performs a physical examination, take a medicinal history and use X-beams or MRI to assess the type and severity of the fracture.


An orthopedic surgeon may use casting or pinning to treat a complex fracture or open surgery with plates and screws to secure the bone may be required. Once in a while combination is utilized to verify two bones together. Both internal and external devices might be utilized to verify the wrecked bone set up. Since fractures occur in a number of patterns, choosing the best method of treatment is done according to the individual injury. The goal of the surgeon is to advance recuperating, reestablish anatomic arrangement and keep entanglements from happening later on. For athletes, their future professions will rely upon the capacity of the orthopedic surgeon to fix the bone and related harm to the surrounding area.


The time of recovery depends on the injury and the type of treatment given. Following medical procedure, the patient can hope to be restricted from putting weight on the broken bone for up to 2 months. The orthopedic surgeon will decide the rate at which the patient should add weight to the affected area, what kind of treatment might be required, and when normal activities can be resumed.

At Parekh Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat being an orthopedic specialty hospital we understand complex fractures well. We see these kinds of cases regularly from whole Gujarat and Rajasthan. Because of accidents, trauma or sports injuries. AS Complex fractures are different from routine fractures they take time to heal and resume activities.